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The extension of the “list of deadly sins” in January 2017 included also changes in the risk assessment, which evaluates the reliability of companies and at worst can lead to withdrawal of the professional licence. TachoWeb now shows you at a glance, where your company stands regarding risk assessment. On the dashboard “analysis” a graphic display the company’s status based on the social infringements of its employees. The colours red, yellow and green visualize if there is a high, medium or no risk of a national procedure being initiated to assess the company’s reliability. Additionally, we provide a new report which gives an overview of the severity of infringements and the resulting assessment. Thus, you are always informed about the risk in case of official controls and can take countermeasures if a high risk assessment looms. More information about the risk assessment can be found here.
Fleet analysis and monitoring made easy: Scania Fleet Management and Scania Tachograph Services can be retrofitted to vehicles from all manufacturers. Keep track of all the operations of your entire fleet, optimise details and increase overall productivity. Scania also offers the option of integrating specific vehicle information into your customer's logistics system via an interface.
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